What Is Cloud Hosting?

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Generally, hosting is thought of as the storage and maintenance of files for a particular website. Hosting servers provide a means of sharing the cost of a fast Internet connection among a host of users. It is a type of service that is often used by small businesses. Web hosts typically provide users with a cPanel or cPanel Lite. A hosting provider may also offer users the option of hosting static websites on their Content Delivery Network.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers based in different regions that enables websites to be delivered faster and more efficiently. It also provides an SSL certificate. Using a CDN can save you from having to deal with an unreliable Internet connection, and it can be implemented for free or for a surprisingly low cost.

As you might imagine, there is no one size fits all solution to this problem. A web host might use a single server to host all of its websites, or they might use a fleet of servers to handle different types of traffic. The latter scenario might be a sensible decision for a small business that does not have a lot of traffic. A well crafted hosting plan may also save you the hassle of dealing with multiple providers. AWS also provides hosting solutions, but it lacks content delivery options. A web host utilizing AWS might not be the best choice for a small business with a discerning clientele. Alternatively, a host may choose to use Cloudflare’s Content Delivery network. The company’s network is spread across more than 200 cities in 100 countries, ensuring that your website gets delivered to visitors in the most geographically appropriate location. A Cloudflare Certified Hosting provider can take advantage of all of these benefits for free.

The Cloudflare website also has a comprehensive Help Center that will guide you through the process.

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